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Hiring a Contractor

As a landowner participating in a conservation project, you are able to chose who is able to place a bid on your project. KSWCD will select the contractor based on the landowners preference and lowest bid. KSWCD is required to select the contractor with the lowest bid in order to stay within our boundaries of being a state affiliated special district, but by allowing the landowner to select who gives KSWCD the bids, it allows the landowner to have say in who they prefer.

All contractors are required to fill out a W-9 with KSWCD, however, as a landowner it is your job to select the contractors and communicate with them. KSWCD only communicates with contractors if the landowner decides they do not want to select a contractor or it is a large project with several agencies working together. 

It is the responsibility of the landowner to set up a time for the contractor to look at their property and place a bid if it is a project within a large grant. 

This does not go for all of our partners. Some of our partners have designated contracts to work with certain contractors. Please check with the group or agency that you are working with for their particular stipulations.