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OWEB Small Grant Program

KSWCD and The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board offer small grants, up to $10,000 for the following types of qualifying projects:

Improving In-Stream Processes
* Managing erosion by sloping stream banks, developing water gaps and bioengineering stream banks.
* Providing fish habitat by placing large wood and boulders in existing streams
* Eradicating exotic aquatic species

Fish Passage
* Removal of irrigation or push-up dams by installing alternatives such as infiltration galleries and point-of-diversion transfers
* Removal or replacement of culverts and stream crossings

Urban Impact Reduction
* Installing storm water runoff treatments
* Employing integrated pest management

Riparian and Wetland Processes and Functions
* Managing nutrient and sediment inputs through managed grazing
* Developing off channel livestock watering and fencing
* Managing vegetation by controlling weeds and propagating native plants and seeds
* Restore wetlands by excavating or removing fill and eliminating drainage structures

Upland Processes and Functions
* Managing erosion
* Installing sediment basins
* Developing filter strips/grassed waterways
* Managing mud by graveling high use areas, development of paddocks and seeding bare areas
* Reducing tillage
* Managing nutrient and sediment inputs to streams through the management of grazing, vegetation cover, animal waste and irrigation runoff
* Managing vegetation through prescribed burning, non commercial thinning, juniper removal, weed control and planting native upland plant species

Water Quantity and Irrigation Efficiency
* Implement irrigation practices that result in decreased water use and increase in-stream flow, groundwater levels or water quality
* Improve water quantity and quality by piping existing ditches, installing drip or sprinkler systems and installing automated soil moisture sensors
* The recovery and elimination of tail water

Please contact us to schedule a site visit and evaluation of your potential project.