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Upper Klamath Basin Ag Collaborative


"We are an ag advocacy group focused on ranches and farms along the Sprague, Williamson, and Wood rivers in the Upper Klamath Basin. We promote the concept that sustainable restoration can’t be done without equal consideration to ag resiliency.  As funding opportunities become available, we either match individual ranchers to that funding or look for ways to create grant opportunities to fit a need not being addressed."

If you are a landowner located in the Upper Basin, this group specializes in helping you. 


UKBAC's Current Projects 

  • Juniper removal along the Sprague and Sprague tributaries to increase runoff to the Sprague River.
  • Stock-water wells on ranch property not located next to the rivers.
  • Funding for voluntary water right retirements.  


To Contact UKBAC Please Reach Out To 

Larry Nicholson

Executive Director



To visit UKBAC website, please click on the link below!

Upper Klamath Basin Ag Collaborative (UKBAC) – Issues pertaining to Upper Klamath Basin landowners and producers

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